Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Rocky Start To 2016

 Hello To Everyone,

 I am hoping that everyone has had a great start to the New Year. Due to a series of Illness from all of us at AudrajScraps I wish to apologize for this late start to the newsletter and the blog. 
 Heather Murray our Head Angel has been busy creating and she has some beautiful products out there and there is more to come in her stores and as promised there will be some freebies along the way as well.
 She is being rather secretive at the moment so that says that she has a surprise in the works. I can't wait to see what she has planned for her Angels, but I bet that it will be Magnificent 
 And as she was busy working and designing, the nasty cold/flu bug hit her as well, but she is a trooper and carried on.

 Our Angle Joyce Swaim has been busy as well. She has been spending a lot of her time on the beaches in North Carolina, taking beautiful pictures and creating the most amazing scrap pages! Way To Go Joyce!

 Internet Issues have plagued several of us as well. Angel Linda Belle endured the frustration as well as Angel Joyce Swaim and I as well. We are so lost without our computers working and especially our internet!

Our Angel Maureen Anderson is taking a much needed break at the moment and we understand that she will join us when she can.

Angel Patsy Berry is still creating and is doing well, but like the rest of us, she has had some illness as well. It seems that when it rains it pours but we are putting on our waders and braving the waters.

Angel Cheryl Leigh Budden has been declared the Whiz Kid here at AudrajScraps. Her pages are just amazing and you will be able to see her incredible pages as well as all of the wonderful pages that our amazing CT Angels have created here on our team and on the blog. 

 As for Beth Reed (Me) I am once again apologizing for the lagging in my spirit and my up keep with the blog. Here is hoping that March will be kind to everyone and that we can all get on with what our original plans have been. 

 Have a great day from the Angels here at AudrajScraps and Designs!